Anime Hero Simulator codes - Free boosts and yen (October 2022)

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Anime Hero Simulator in-game visuals.
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October 2, 2022: The Anime Hero Simulator update is a little overdue, but update 15 should arrive with a new code.

Anime Hero Simulator codes are here to offer just about the same level of goodies as any other anime simulator game on the Roblox platform. There's always something unique with each release, but you know you can look forward to a familiar experience if you're hopping from one to another.


Down below, we'll do what we always do here when it comes to Roblox experiences. That means provide new Anime Hero Simulator codes as and when they drop, check for which have expired since, how to use the code in-game in case you're confused, and go over what to expect from the next update, when to expect more codes, and what the latest update has brought to the table.

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All working Anime Hero Simulator codes

  • randomseed - 30 minutes of 2x Luck (NEW)
  • getrichquick
  • moneyglitch
  • sorry4wait
  • feelinglucky

The following Anime Hero Simulator codes were last checked and confirmed expired and not working on September 10, 2022:

Expired codes

  • Release
Redeeming Anime Hero Simulator codes.

How do I use Anime Hero Simulator codes?

  • Launch Anime Hero Simulator
  • Tap the shopping cart button
  • Tap the Twitter bird icon
  • Enter your Anime Hero Simulator codes
  • Hit redeem

You can use Anime Hero Simulator codes easily enough. Unlike a few newer games that require Twitter verification, you can do this without any extra steps.

Just boot the game, open the shop menu (the cart on the left of the screen) and hit the little Twitter bird icon at the bottom of the list on the right of the window. Enter your Anime Hero Simulator code, hit redeem, and you should be good to go.

How do I get more Anime Hero Simulator codes?

If you don't mind notifications for the odd chance at a new Anime Hero Simulator code, you can ring the bell icon on the Twitter profiles @spradenn and @ItsNoahWho: the two primary developers of the game. Both occasionally drop new codes on their profiles, so it's worth keeping up with them if you want them as soon as possible.


Both developers also have a hand in delivering Anime Clickers codes and Drone Swarm Simulator codes. If the names look familiar, that's why.

Is there an Anime Hero Simulator Discord?

Yes, there is an Anime Hero Simulator Discord, and you get into it by clicking that link right there.

Furthermore, if you join the group, you can put your Discord username into the bottom of the Shop menu to gain a permanent 25 percent EXP boost.

Anime Hero Simulator patch notes - update 3

AHS update 3 patch notes

  • Spirit Society
  • Raids
  • Enchanting
  • New Pods
  • New Secret Hero
  • New Secret Sword
  • Balancing & Bug Fixing

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