How to Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator

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Want to know how to level up fast in Anime Fighting Simulator? Let us guide you, young grasshopper. With 13,000 players even in the middle of the average American night, this essential Roblox experience is still one of the most popular around. And with a 5x EXP event currently in effect, there's no better time to get started, or even return to, training up to be the best.

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Tips for how to level up fast in Anime Fighting Simulator.

How to Level Up Fast in Anime Fighting Simulator

Here are some quick tips to ensure you're leveling up quickly and efficiently:

  • Train Speed and Agility first
  • Use the Settings menu to increase your run speed and jump height
  • Use Yen to increase your skill multipliers
  • Find a way to automate your clicks (browser extensions, weights, etc)
  • Visit the best training spot for your level

Leveling up in Anime Fighting Simulator requires little more than time. Time and a lot of button presses. Until you start actually engaging in PvP, it's a clicker game. The more you click, the more you grow. And that's what we consider to be leveling up.

So how can you quickly rise up to challenge those who've been doing this for over the past year? You practice. You practice hard. The top player is a YouTuber who has a lot of other games to play for the sake of their channel. You (presumably) don't. You can do this. But you need to know how to make the most of each click.

Growing your overall power and leveling up fast in Anime Fighting Simulator requires training extensively in every skill available: Speed, Agility, Sword, Strength, and Durability, and Charka. Read on to find out how to master the game.

The treadmill area used to level up fast in Anime Fighting Simulator.

Speed and Agility

The best way to level up fast in Anime Fighting Simulator involves leveling up your Speed and Agility first. These stats increase simply by running and jumping. If you're moving, you're training. The more you move, the faster you'll go. And the faster you go, the sooner you'll arrive at the various destinations you'll be training your skills. That's the secret to leveling up fast.

To quickly level your Speed and Agility skills in Anime Fighting Simulator, start by mashing the jump button as you make your way over to the treadmills on the edge of the starting island. You should reach the 100 Speed needed to use these by the time you get there.

Find a way to keep the forward movement button down (like a small weight on the W key) and you'll passively increase your Speed as you run on these. Open up your stats menu and use Yen to actually level the stats up, multiplying your stat growth further.

Once you hit around 10k on both stats, go into the Settings screen and crank your Jump Power and Run Speed to their max. Use your new springy legs to jump up to the capsule on the nearby cliff and continue to train here until you're able to learn Flying from Bang in the starting house.

How to level Chakra fast in Anime Fighting Simulator.


There isn't really much of a secret when it comes to leveling up Charka fast in Anime Fighting Simulator. It's one of the more AFK skills in the game. You gain it by simply pressing the Charka button on your action bar (or hitting "3" on your keyboard) and walking away. You can't move while it trains. You meditate.


The only suggestion here is to ensure you're spending Yen on multiplier boosts in the Stats menu if fast Charka levels are what you need. Use the tree outside the spawn at first. Once you hit 150k Charka, fly over to the Waterfall of Truth and chill out there instead. That will ramp things up.


Here's where the clicker part of Anime Fighting Simulator comes in. Strength is simply leveled by choosing the first button on your action bar (or hitting "1" on your keyboard" and clicking relentlessly. Each punch increases your Strength skill. Spend Yen on Strength boosts to speed this up.

There are currently six areas to train strength at certain power levels. Just refer to the map section to find your next sparring spot.

Durability and Sword

Like Speed & Agility, the Durability & Sword skills can typically be trained at the same time. At least later on. Durability is trained by clicking when the second action bar button is toggled, whereas Sword requires the fourth button to be toggled.

Once you're able to access one of the eight Durability training areas dotted around the map, however, you'll be able to train this passively. Just swing your sword at the same time to level up both. Upgrade your sword in the Swords menu to increase your multiplier further.

The complete training area Anime Fighting Simulator map.

Anime Fighting Simulator Map

In the past, an Anime Fighting Simulator map didn't exist. Now, it's in the game for all to see, complete with a marker for every training spot. There's still no mini-map for navigation, and you can't view the map once you leave the starting area, but keep the image above loaded up while you play and you'll be able to quickly find your next training spot.

And that's a wrap. Follow the steps above and you should know how to level up fast in Anime Fighting Simulator. Will you ever reach the lofty heights of Kelvingts? Probably not. Should you try? Again, probably not. But there are thousands of active players itching to fight in this game. Just keep at it and you'll find plenty of people to brawl as your power level increases. Treat it like a grand tournament and you should have a ton of fun as you get stronger.