Adopt Me pets list (February 2023) - All pets in Adopt Me today

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Despite its age, Adopt Me is a Roblox that's still going strong. Part of that is due to its creator's always keeping it up with the times and trends, and the long list of Adopt Me pets is very much an example of that. If you're looking to collect the lot, you'll want to keep checking back here.

Down below, you'll find an up-to-date list of every pet in Adopt Me. Though the game was originally centred around either being an adoptable child or a carer, it's since expanded to include pets you can adopt as well, increasing your family household unit even further. So if you want a fuzzy cat as well as a pouty toddler, it's the game for you.

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Adopt me pets list (January 2023)

All common Adopt Me pets

Pet How to Obtain
BuffaloCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
CatCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
DogCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
OtterCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
ChickenFarm Egg
RobinChristmas Event (2019) or Winter Holiday (2020) events
BandicootAussie Eggs
ChickEaster 2020 Egg
Tasmanian TigerFossil Egg
Ground SlothFossil Egg
StingrayOcean Egg
WolpertingerMythic Egg
AntCracked Egg, Pet Egg
MouseCracked Egg, Pet Egg
DugongJapan Egg
Sado MoleJapan Egg
BullfrogWoodland Egg
WalrusWalrus Box

The Adopt Me pets above are all considered to be "Common" rarity. Most can be acquired through Cracked Eggs obtained at the Nursery, but others (like the Bandicoot) can only be obtained through special or event-limited eggs.

Doug's shop is where you get the eggs of most Adopt Me pets.

All uncommon Adopt Me pets

Pet How to Obtain
Blue DogBlue Egg
Chocolate LabradorCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Fennec FoxCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Pink CatPink Egg
PumaCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
Snow CatCracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Egg
MeerkatSafari Egg
Wild BoarSafari Egg
Black PantherJungle Egg
CapybaraJungle Egg
Silly DuckFarm Egg
DrakeFarm Egg
WolfChristmas Event (2019) or Winter Holiday (2020) event eggs
DingoAussie Egg
Pet Rock
TriceratopsFossil Eggs.
StegosaurusFossil Eggs.
GlyptodonFossil Eggs.
BatHalloween Event (2019), Halloween Event (2020), or Halloween Event (2021) event eggs
SnowmanChristmas Event (2019) or Winter Holiday (2020) event eggs
CrabOcean Egg
DolphinOcean Egg
2021 Uplift Butterfly
KirinMthic Egg
Halloween Black Mummy CatHalloween Event (2019), Halloween Event (2020), or Halloween Event (2021) event eggs
Halloween Blue ScorpionHalloween Event (2019), Halloween Event (2020), or Halloween Event (2021) event eggs
Snow LeopardTrading
Red CardinalWoodland Egg
CamelCracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg
DonkeyCracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg
PoodleCracked Egg, Pet Egg, or Royal Egg
2022 Uplift Butterfly
Rhino BeetleJapan Egg
TanukiJapan Egg
SlugHalloween Event (2022)
ChickatriceHalloween Event (2022)
Therapy DogFree (After completing the task given by Patty the NPC)
ErmineWinter Event (2022)
Amami RabitLunar New Year Event (2023)

The Adopt Me pets above are all considered to be of "Uncommon" rarity in the eggs that they're available in. Many of these were featured in limited-time event eggs and cannot be obtained through gacha anymore.

All rare Adopt Me pets

The Adopt Me pets above are all considered to be "Rare" and can be quite difficult to obtain. Many of them are locked behind event-limited eggs and boxes, meaning while you can't obtain them through gacha methods any more, you can still trade for them from players who do own them.

All ultra-rare Adopt Me pets

The Adopt Me pets above are all considered to be Ultra Rare. Though some can be obtained through the three standard eggs available at the Nursery for in-game Bucks, most come from limited-time rewards, Star Reward log-in streaks, or directly through Robux purchases.


All legendary Adopt Me pets

Considered the rarest pets of them all, only two Legendary pets can be obtained through the Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, Royal Eggs available at the Nursery for in-game Bucks. The odds of hatching the Dragon or Unicorn from them as astonishingly low, but it can happen. Outside of that, most Legendary Adopt Me pets come from spending Robux, hatching exotic eggs like Mythic and Fossil Eggs, or by getting lucky with time-limited event eggs. As is the case with the rest of the Adopt Me pets, you can trade for them as well.

How do I get eggs in Adopt Me?

Most Adopt Me pet eggs can be had from the Nursery. The better the egg, the more in-game Bucks it costs, with the rates of better pets hatching from it increasing.

One way to get eggs that only include Legendary pets is through the Star Rewards log-in mission. Log in at least once a day for around four months and you'll earn a Gold and Platinum Egg that only hatches very rare Gold and Platinum Legendary Adopt Me pets.


Though eggs like the Aussie Egg and Fossil Egg can't be obtained anymore, they have all been replaced by the Mythic Egg. This egg has an impressive 20 percent chance of hatching into an Ultra Rare Adopt Me pet, which is higher than any other time-limited Gumball Machine egg that came before it.

It won't be around forever, though. Like the others, it'll be replaced with a brand-new egg eventually, with that including new Adopt Me pets as well.

What is the next Adopt Me pet update?

It's a little too soon to guess what the next set of Adopt Me pets might be. A new set arrived with the Halloween 2021 update just a few days ago. These are set to last until November 18. After that, new Adopt Me pets may appear, or they may only surface when the inevitable Holiday 2021 update arrives.

And there you have it. That should be all you need to know about the current Adopt Me pets list, how to unlock each pet, and where to find each egg.

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