Is Riders Republic Coming To Xbox Game pass?

Later this year, Ubisoft is finally releasing Riders Republic on many platforms. Microsoft's console will be getting this title too on September. However, will this title join the Xbox Game Pass as one of its titles too?

Not Yet On Xbox Game Pass

As of now, Microsoft has yet to confirm if Riders Republic will be a Xbox Game Pas title anytime soon. The Xbox Game Pass is known for immediately including fresh releases as one of their offerings for this subscription service.

Before the game's release, Riders Republic just needs to be confirmed as an Xbox Game Pass title.

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Xbox Release This September

Microsoft also has an official post announcing Riders Republic's arrival on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on September. Once September 2 rolls in, Xbox players can now enjoy this title on their console.

Out of all the announcements, Microsoft didn't mention if it'll be an Xbox Game Pass title when Riders Republic gets release in September.

After Release

In the following months, it's possible to have Riders Republic included in the Xbox Game Pass eventually. As seen on the Xbox Twitter's official post, the E3 reveals that are going to be included in the Xbox Game Pass. Riders Republic is not one of these titles.

So far, Xbox exclusives coming from Bethesda and Microsoft themselves are confirmed as a Xbox Game Pass title. Some titles were just confirmed to be playable after Microsoft Xbox E3 Show ended. Meanwhile, some upcoming titles are also confirmed as a Xbox Game Pass title once they're released officially.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft's Riders Republic will not be one of these titles. Xbox fans will have to stay vigilant for this game's inclusion in the service as it does remove games from its service from time to time.

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