Logitech Pro X Wireless Headset Review: Another Win For Logitech

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Wireless headsets are becoming increasingly common, and there’s just so many to choose from.

Thankfully, Logitech has made the decision much easier. Its Pro X Wireless is comfortable, solid, and looks great – with excellent audio quality.


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Looks The Part

Image credit: Logitech

The first thing you’ll notice when taking the Pro X Wireless out of the box is just how weighty it is.

Each cup is fairly light, but the adjustable metallic arms they sit on feel durable. Thankfully, that weight is well balanced by a soft, but firm, headband.

The brushed metal design on the ear cups adds a layer of texture, but for the most part, these are serious cans for serious gaming. The black finish extends from the cups to the headband, and even the wires connecting the two which are nicely chunky for an analogue feel.


On the left cup, you’ll find a USB-C charging port, a spot to plug in the mic, and the power and volume controls. To the back of that same cup, you’ll find a mute button, too.

Everything is within reach, and the detachable microphone is a nice touch if you’d prefer to use a desktop input device instead – or you simply want to enjoy audio without using your voice.

Also in the box are a charging cable, a carrying bag, and the dongle to connect it. It’s worth noting that there’s up to 24 hours of continuous use on a single charge, so you won’t be reaching for the charger all that often.

Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable

The ear cups deserve a special mention here. Not only are they soft enough to prevent the adjustable arms feeling like they’re clamping down on your head.

There are pleather or foam options included, but I’ve stuck with pleather – they form a nice seal around my ears, which is ideal for keeping outside noise out and game audio in.

The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Shooting


Image credit: Logitech

Put simply, the Logitech Pro X is somewhat of an audio powerhouse. Whether you’re lobbing grenades in Call of Duty, listening out for audio cues in Apex Legends, or listening to music on your streaming service of choice, everything feels audible and balanced.

Multiple software presets can allow you to make the audio flat, while Cinematic boosts dialogue, making it ideal for story-driven titles. The FPS setting is likely where many will leave them, though, helping enemy footsteps sound clear and locatable.

Spinning a few tracks on Spotify while playing League of Legends helped narrow my focus, too, again thanks to the way the cups hold themselves around your ears.

Mic Check, One, Two

Image credit: Logitech


Of course, hearing audio from a game is one thing, but it’s nothing without a solid mic to go with it.

Thankfully, the Pro X Wireless leans on algorithms designed by Blue, of the Yeti mic fame. That means you can tweak settings to suit your voice, lowering higher voices and adding more treble to lower ones. It’s impressive and means that the Pro X Wireless could just as easily be your podcast mic as it is your go-to gaming headset.


The Pro X Wireless is more expensive than many of its contemporaries, but it justifies its price point with impressive (and diverse) audio, as well as a mic that’s far and away the best available right now.

With long battery life and a timeless design, the Pro X might just be the best wireless headset out there right now.


Review unit provided by Logitech