Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review: Things Ubisoft Need to Improve From The Beta

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The Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta came and went last weekend, fans got to experience first hand the new Tom Clancy video game, to which they had mixed reviews. The Ubisoft series gets a new installment on the 4th October, a release date that is quickly approaching. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be arriving worldwide in under a month and many players will be deciding whether they want to pick up a copy.

The beta has been receiving good publicity so far, from its beautiful scenery to its immersive world, however, no beta is perfect. We recently covered the good side of the game in our Ghost Recon Breakpoint review and now its time to explore what can be improved upon. The point of a beta is to test the game out to the public and Ubisoft has been vocal about this, there are missions throughout the game that ask for feedback and they are encouraging discussion on what they should improve.


With this in mind, what aspects of Ghost Recon Breakpoint should Ubisoft tend to the most? Let us explore!

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During Breakpoint's beta we are able to play through the beginning of the main story mode, along the way after we are showcased the main plot and the reasoning why the player will be stuck on this island throughout the game, we meet an interesting group of people. These people are the residents of the island and they have taken refuge inside a cave; transforming it into their own city. 


This city is essentially the players home base throughout the story mode it is where players can; buy new weapons, gear, tattoos, knives anything you can think of. Also, players can directly access the Ghost War PVP option through this city. 

The issue players have been complaining about with this city is: how it is a multiplayer hub for every player even if they are playing solo. Throughout the beta there can be over a hundred people in this enclosed space making it very dense and causing the game to lose frames and become a laggy mess. The idea from Ubisoft is very cool but at this point, the servers are not stable enough to handle that many people in one dense location.

Night Vision 

A concept that was initially introduced during Ghost Recon Wildlands, the night vision and the thermal vision perks you can unlock via the skill tree, are some of the handy perks when it is night time during the story mode. Nothing is better than being able to sneak past your enemies all while seeing crystal clear. 


However, during the Breakpoint beta many fans have been experimenting with the night vision option present yet again within the game. It appears the night vision in this game is not what it used to be and players are finding it extremely hard to see in the dark even with this turned on. Now, with this being a beta, after all, we are sure Ubisoft has noted this topic on social media and we fully expect this to be fixed before the launch.

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91