AndaSeat Spider-Man Premium Gaming Chair Review: Marveling at Its Glory

Ever since the pandemic began, I've been searching through the depths of the inter-webs for a good gaming chair. As many of you may know, finding one that combines quality, price, and comfort is incredibly difficult. It's even worse for me thanks to my infinitely terrible posture that makes sitting down a chore.

When an amazing colleague of mine showcased AndaSeat's Marvel line of gaming chairs, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to check one out, and I chose the Spider-Man from a selection that spans Ant-Man, Captain America, and our previously reviewed Iron Man,

Does the chair live up to its Friendly Neighbourhood reputation? Absolutely.

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AndaSeat Spider-Man Premium Gaming Chair Review: Marveling at Its Glory

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An Alluring Array

I have always had a personal affinity towards Spider-Man. The Web-head is my favourite superhero, so I had high expectations for the chair's physical appearance. I wondered whether it would truly match the comic book character's iconic appearance and comedic persona or if it would be a cheap knock off based loosely on the hero. Though it took only 30 minutes to assemble, it was clear that the chair more than exceeded these standards.

As you'd expect, the Spider-Man AndaSeat boasts a similar colour scheme to the iconic hero, and the mixture of red and dark blue juxtapose well with the meticulous meshing of the seat. The colours are punchy. Peter Parker's black suit symbol in the centre immediately stands out when I walk into my room, and the red cushion at the top has a white spider symbol, which is equally classy without detracting from the rest of the chair's design.

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A favourite touch of mine is the white handles at the top meant to be Spidey's wide eyes, and the circular red carpet is the cherry on top.

With Great Power Comes Great Relaxation

AndaSeat's recliner oozes comfort. The wider pillow at the base of the seat maximises the support for my lower back, while the miniature cushion at the peak fits nicely against the top of my head, reinforcing the uphold given to the rest of my posture. I tend to slouch a lot while at my desk or even while watching TV. With the elevated headrest and lower back core of the seat, the recliner straightens the unhealthy, involuntary curve I tend to produce.

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With the high-quality, PVC leather, The material - PVC leather - certainly feels sturdy, and satisfying. When seated, I didn't feel too sunken in its place nor was the leather too stiff, allowing for a steady middle ground between the two feelings. The robust armrests complement the adequately designed core of the seat, which can be easily maneuvered in different angles depending on preference.

The two sections can also be adjusted using buttons on top and below the sides, conforming in the four main directions to meet your needs. I usually like sitting upright with high placements for my arms - it was easy enough to adjust the chair to an appropriate point that would combat my terribly curved posture and at an angle suitable for working.

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Fit For Purpose

I tested the seat for both gaming and working. And after hours seated, just like the Avenger himself, the luxury never takes a break. With the cushioned structure, my back and posture always felt supported without a hint of strain evident, even in the midst of both my arms. While I work (like writing this very review), AndaSeat's chair provides a feeling that can be best described as seamless.

When playing an intense game of Warzone, there was a moment where I felt like lying a little further back. Due to the recliner's ability to rotate the seat up to 160 degrees, I was able to shift the seat at a greater angle while still maintaining the chair's reputable lumbar support. Given the seat's ability to adjust in height, I increased its crest to meet the level of my computer screen without straining my neck.

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Its smooth rotating cusp requires a notable mention as well, which is easy to turn no matter how you're positioned. My previous Ikea chair was a rigid piece, which required effort to turn. With this recliner, it felt almost effortless in its ability to shift while making sure you have control of how powerful the motion is. It even made me reminisce about my time in primary school, swinging around on my brother's old recliner reading that Spider-Man: Blue graphic novel.


AndaSeat continues to be one of the more reliable, if pricey, chair choices, and the Spider-Man edition is no exception. It's easy to construct and requires minimal adjustments outside of the default setting. The detailed design complements its impressive quality, while the lumbar support generates a delicate experience enough to make you feel like you're resting on a spider's web.

Rating: 5/5

Review unit provided by the manufacturer.

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