AndaSeat Jungle 2 Chair Review - A Treat for Gamers

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If I had to describe the AndaSeat Jungle 2 chair in just two words, I’d say ‘smooth operator’. I was more than stoked when the company sent over one of their newest chairs for me to try for myself, and it feels right at home with my current setup.

That said, the moment I received the box that housed my new favourite chair and cut away all the materials that kept it secured away, I knew it was going to take a bit of time to put together. The AndaSeat Jungle 2 has a lot of different features and specifications, such as a velvet footrest and a multi-functional tilt mechanism, and piecing together objects that don’t slot together in five minutes or less has never been my forte.

All in all, it took me a little under an hour to complete the chair, though that was thanks to my sister helping me pour over the strangely confusing instructions that came with it. It’s not that the images in the booklet didn’t give me an idea of how to put everything together, but they were followed by overly simple, one line statements that hindered more than helped. Like sure, I can connect A to B — but how? Not helpful.

The Luxury of Comfort

The odd head scratching aside, actually sitting down on the AndaSeat Jungle 2 once it was assembled was an absolute dream. The head pillow slotted perfectly against my neck instead of cushing my head, though I do prefer it like that. What I did find a tad annoying was that, in spite of me doing my utmost to tighten the pillow so that it would stay in the same place, the pillow kept getting pushed down — a minor aggravation, but not a deal breaker.

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The lumbar pillow stays where you want it to, however, and provided my back with more than enough comfort as I worked from home, despite me sitting there for around four to five hours at a time. As someone who has faced back problems before when sitting for so long in other chairs, I was pleasantly surprised and more than a little relieved to find this not the case with the AndaSeat Jungle 2.

The chair’s luxurious leather is well structured, and you won’t find it getting marred, scuffed, or dented. No matter if I’m wearing cut off jeans or shorts, a tank top, or just a general T-shirt, I never felt that the leather was being worn down each time I sat on it. The opposite really, as the chair springs back to its original form pretty easily.

The Downsides

Unfortunately, there were a couple of downsides that made the AndaSeat Jungle 2 fall a bit short of my expectations. One was that the chair does not leave you much room to spread your legs, even if you move the handles to accommodate for that. It often meant that when I did finally got up, my legs and feet were stiff and difficult to walk on for a short while.

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The other is the rocking feature, which effectively turns the AndaSeat into a rocking chair at the tug of a lever. The problem is I do not trust it at all. My first attempt had me landing flat on my back with my legs in the air, which I’ll allow since it was my first time. Even after I tried the feature again, I realized that the chair simply did not feel like it was stable enough.

The same can be said for the velvet foot rest that comes with the chair. If you aren’t careful, placing your feet on the foot rest can actually topple it — especially if it isn’t on flooring that offers any resistance. This level of precariousness makes the chair’s unique features feel flimsy at best.

Considering the chair costs $299.99, it’s a shame that the features it boasts aren’t as effective or as solid as I would have liked.

The Verdict


Overall, the AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming and office chair does have a lot of good qualities for someone who just wants a simple, comfortable chair, particularly one that has some unique features that makes it stand out from the crowd. If these features are what attracts you to it, though, you might want to reconsider. They aren’t all that they are cracked up to be, and while I liked the chair, it didn’t meet all my expectations.

Review Score: 3/5

[Note: AndaSeat provided the Jungle 2 chair used for this review]

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