AndaSeat Iron Man Edition Review: The Perfect Gaming Chair For Any Marvel Fanatic

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AndaSeat has taken a step away from the more traditional gaming chair scene with their latest range, which comes in collaboration with Marvel.

There are four designs to choose from, but it is the Iron Man edition that we will be focusing on here. Is it an invention that Tony Stark himself would be proud of? Or is it a novelty that is better suited elsewhere?

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Avengers, Assemble

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It must be said, having sat on an old dining room chair for as long as I can remember, the arrival of the AndaSeat Iron Man Edition was a welcome one.

And thankfully, the assembly wasn't as difficult as I had first feared.

The chair itself comes with a very well drawn out set of assembly instructions, with the two-sided Allen Key - which is included in the box - the only piece of equipment you need in order to put all of the pieces together.

The whole assembly process, from unpackaging to sitting down at my desk, took around 25/30 minutes (half of which was spent trying to put the wheels in!) so there's no need to worry about having to call in Mr Stark to help you build.


Being an avid Iron Man fan, I was sceptical as to how accurate the design would be in keeping with Tony & co.

Thankfully, there was no need to worry.

AndaSeats have embraced the culture of Iron Man and his Avengers sidekicks, without overdoing the design.

The Tony Stark Reactor features at the heart of the chair, whilst Iron Man's mask sits proudly at the head of the seat, with the Marvel logo emblazed across it. The Iron Man logo is placed bang in the centre of the rear. You even get an Iron Man-themed mat for good measure.

One thing we must note is that the chair isn't as bright and vibrant as the advertisements may lead you to believe. The red is much more subtle than you would think, whilst the yellow is more of a toned-down gold.

There's no doubting this chair is going to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room, but not in such an overbearing way, which is great.


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As far as comfort goes, this is easily the best chair that I have ever owned.

The chair itself is built in a very similar way to the majority of the AndaSeats line, with the racer style chair accompanied by a removable lumbar support back pillow and a head cushion for extra comfort.

The chair can recline up to 160 degrees, which means you can find the perfect position depending on what you're doing. Whether you're sat a desk working or kicking back with a little casual gaming, you can find the right position to match.

The armrests can do pretty much whatever you please, whether it's moving them up, down, left, right, inside, outside. If you want it doing, it can do it.

This is listed on the AndaSeats website as a medium-sized chair with a maximum recommended height of 200cm and a maximum recommended weight of 170kg. For myself, at 6'0" and 90kg, it fits like a glove. There are bigger options available, however, you'd have to opt for Captain America or Spiderman if you're wanting the extra room.


It's a luxury chair, but it does come at a premium cost.

The Iron Man edition is the second cheapest of the four Marvel AndaSeat's on the market, coming in at $419.99.

Now it's a price that many may baulk at, but given the niche design, flawless attention to detail and luxury comfort, it's not unjust.


If you're looking to stand out from the crowd when you game, then this is the chair for you.

The only drawback we have found is the hefty price tag, but you won't feel shortchanged if you opt for this one.

The designs are bold, there's no questioning that, but to echo the wise words of the great Tony Stark: “Following’s not really my style”.


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You can purchase the AndaSeat Iron Man Edition here.

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