Anda Seat Dark Demon Gaming Chair Review: Demonic Name, Angelic Comfort

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Over this past year, like so many others, I have spent quite an extraordinary amount of time in my home office/gaming space. This has, of course, raised many issues that a year or two earlier I may not have had. This mainly manifested itself in an incredibly painful back after long hours first working on an Ikea garden chair (hooray for saving money), then an unbelievably cheap office chair. I realised I needed something way better.

In comes the Anda Seat Dark Demon Premium Gaming Chair. It’s a badass sounding name, for a badass looking chair. I’ve sat on many gaming chairs in my time, mostly at LAN events, but could this Anda Seat be just what my aching back needed?

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Piece(s) of Mind

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The box was very, very big, like 30kg sort of big. Which is pretty heavy, and a bit much to lug upstairs even for someone who can normally lift about 65kg at any one time.

This, of course, meant I had to assemble it downstairs and in my very narrow, end of terrace house’s hallway. By narrow, I mean it’s just about a metre and a bit across the hallway. Barely enough room to swing a cat in. I was dreading frustrating instructions as I’ve had these in the past with my old racing rig, and my relief was immeasurable when I found out this wasn’t the case.

The instructions were well laid out, easy to read and very solid for an instruction book. It was easy to build, and the chair was together in 10 minutes.

Our only issue, really, was that the screw threads can feel a little cheap which can cause them to shear off under pressure if you are a little too vigorous with the hex key. Worth keeping in mind.

Anda 'Nother One

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A lot of chairs try a little too hard to be comfy to the point you feel like you’re going to be trapped in the chair forever, unable to get up, but that's not the case with the Dark Demon.

It is insanely comfortable. Now, I’m not the smallest bloke, coming in the higher range of the chair’s weight limit, but it doesn’t feel like it’s struggling at all to take that weight. It spreads out the weight very nicely on the seat and doesn’t ever feel like you’re constantly shifting to keep comfortable.

I am, shall we say, an awkward sitter. I generally sit with my feet far apart and most chairs give me an issue with armrests cutting into my legs. The armrests can be installed at different widths apart depending on preference, and at their furthest distance, there’s so much room for me to sit it’s hard to describe. It’s on another level.

Our review unit also looks great, its splashes of red perfectly complementing the black leather. It's available in all black, too, which makes it ideal for Zoom calls and being Bruce Wayne.


Being priced at $399.99 USD or £299.99 GBP, it’s pretty difficult to ignore the fact that the price is relatively high in terms of budgeting what with the whole situation most people are in right now.

However, if you don’t feel like shelling out nearly $100 USD more for what could be considered a more premium brand gaming chair, we’d highly recommend the Anda Seat Dark Demon. It’s good to look at, it’s surprisingly comfortable and very easy to put together. It’s absolutely worth the money.


Review unit provided by the manufacturer

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