Resident Evil: The Board Game Has Been Unveiled, Coming To Kickstarter

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Resident Evil is celebrating its 25th anniversary in style. Earlier this year, Capcom released the franchise's mainline eighth episode in Village, which topped 4.5 million sales. A film adaptation based on the first two games will arrive this fall, with the first looks of Jill, Claire, and Leon previously unveiled.

Now, it seems like the horror phenomenon will receive a board game too. Marking Steamforged Games' third board game based on the franchise, the game's designer, Sherwin Matthews spoke to Polygon ahead of the game's arrival on Kickstarter this Autumn.


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Resident Evil: The Board Game Has Been Revealed, Coming To Kickstarter

This board game replicated the game's survival roots, where players take the role of STARS members as they traverse a deadly mansion. From fending off monsters to exploring the setting, users begin in a small zone.

Similar to the games, players need to scavenge supplies as they attempt to rescue other STARS members. The exploration card will reveal further details, allowing for unpredictability in playthroughs.


Matthews emphasizes the importance of the crowdfunding campaign, as the actual narrative itself will be heavily influenced by backers:

We’re going to try to emulate with the backers, and with us at Steamforged, exploring the mansion together as part of what we’re going. We’re going to have a continuing narrative going throughout the entire thing. [Expect] lots and lots of meaningful backer decisions to work out where we go, and what we unlock, and how we explore and discover stuff.

Even though no release date has been announced, Steamforged Games is also releasing a board game based on Resident Evil 3 just before Halloween. Similarly, this project was also assisted through crowdfunding.