Rumour: Resident Evil Outrage Might Be A Timed Switch Exclusive

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Rumours are circulating about Resident Evil Outrage, a presently unconfirmed entry said to feature ex-S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers. As reported by Biohazardcast, this upcoming entry was previously known as Resident Evil Revelations 3, and it's coming to Switch first.

Advising that a playtest for Outrage has already taken place, Biohazardcast confirmed it'll be "partially" set in a college campus, while Chambers' investigates a new virus outbreak. Allegedly, this features third-person gameplay, breaking from the first-person perspective seen in the recent Resident Evil Village.


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Rumour: Resident Evil Outrage Might Be A Timed Switch Exclusive

This isn't the first time Outrage details have appeared, either. When Capcom was hit with a ransomware attack last November, details emerged about a lot of their upcoming projects, and a listing was spotted for Resident Evil Outbreak. However, many leakers have since claimed this was a mistranslation, and the game is actually Outrage.

While Biohazardcast claimed it'd appear at E3 2021, Capcom's own presentation came and went without any reveals. However, this will allegedly be a timed Switch exclusive before going multiplatform, meaning we could see something at Nintendo's conference later today. As always, we'll keep you updated with new developments.