Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo: All Secrets That Can Be Found

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Fans of the Resident Evil franchise have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Village.

The game was showcased for the first time this week, and fans cannot wait to get their hands on it.

One aspect of the showcasing that took a lot of us by surprise was the fact that they released a brand new demo for PlayStation owners! 

This demo is called 'Maiden' and there is no combat within the demo, but players are still loving it.

While you can explore the demo to your heart's extent, there are some items you may have missed along the way.

Here are all the secrets within the Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo! 



There are multiple secrets to be found within the demo, and some of these are harder to notice than others of course.

While the demo should not take you long; Capcom has cleverly placed some of these secrets around the demo.

Below is a list of all of them and where you will be able to find them!

Be sure to let us know if we have missed any along the way as well. 

  • Necklace - As soon as you climb out of the basement, the necklace will be on the table within the room 
  • Bolt Cutters - When you are using these cutters in the cell room, you can use them on another cell but there is nothing in the room. Just a little secret to check out
  • Record Player - When you emerge from the dungeon, there is a record player you are able to interact with 
  • Note - Atop the staircase, there should be a note within the cracks of it
  • Tea Cup - While you are moving through one of the hallways, there should be a bloody teacup you can pick up and hold
  • Note- Also in the hallway should be a note that has a list of names on it
  • Final Note - When you are looking for the courtyard key, there is another note on the table you can pick up 
  • Eye - Using the Maroon Eye, go down the hallway and you should be able to hear a distinct girl voice in the background. You will eventually get attacked by this voice and more than likely die

Be sure to let us know if there are any secrets that we have missed throughout this demo. 


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