Resident Evil 3 Remake: Mr Charlie location guide – where to find hidden collectibles

Resident Evil 3 Remake is launching on April 3rd, but you can find the demo on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC right now.

If you've been playing it, you may have noticed Mr Charlie statues scattered throughout. With the game launching next week, we'll be updating this list as we find (and shoot) the sneaky little big-headed figurines.

We'll keep updating this list as we go.

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Resident Evil 3: Remake Mr Charlie Locations (Demo)

Redstone Street Station

1) When you leave the train, head up the stairs to the other platform.


2) On a table next to the shutter that leads outside.

3) In the alley by the Subway Station, once you duck under a shutter, look inside the ambulance.

4) When you speak to Carlos, look on top of a Police car.

5) When Zombies break through the fence, head down some stairs and look in the nearby scaffolding.

6) Inside the donut shop, Mr Charlie is hiding next to a microwave in the corner.

7) After the donut shop, head upstairs and turn right until you see some electrical boxes. Mr Charlie is on top of one.

8) If you grabbed the bolt cutters from the donut shop, you can get into the locked supermarket. Mr Charlie is near the cash register.

9) When you go back to the donut shop, head up the walkway and turn left. In the room with the safe look in the middle shelving area.

10) Returning to the walkway, look up to see one in the train tracks.

11) In the pharmacy, there's a Mr Charlie in the shelving next to the Aqua Cure advertisement.

12) Once you get past Kite Bros, use bolt cutters to get into a locked alley and you'll find it between two vents.

Subway Office

13) Head into the Kite bros building and into the back room where you'll find a shotgun. You'll also spot a Mr Charlie in one of the lockers.

Downtown (post-Nemesis)

14) You'll need to down Nemesis near the police car by the subway entrance. You'll be able to find it inside the car.

15) Perform 25 perfect dodges to open the car next to the donut shop. Mr Charlie is inside.

16) According to Reddit, you'll have to kill the zombie behind the Toy Store police car which will trigger a zombie in the pharmacy. There will be a Mr Charlie underneath where it was lying.

17) Once the fire has been put out at the end of the demo, edge around the corner and you'll spot Mr Charlie among the vents above.

Some more obtuse ones

18) Aim your gun at the Mr Charlie poster in the toy store for 10 seconds, then head over to the stairs to the donut shop. You'll see the shadow of a Mr Charlie on the roof.

19) At the end of the demo, put out the fire and then stand among the police cars by the subway. Shoot the new zombie that appears, and then go into the pharmacy and shoot the now visible bobblehead.

20) Get two High-Grade Gunpowder (search pharmacy and supermarket) and then combine them to make Magnum Rounds. Head to the Subway and speak to Mikhail, then return to the electrical boxes from no. 7. On the roof, there's a bobblehead on a 'Cleaning in Progress' sign next to a lift.

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