Oculus Showcase Reveals Extended Look At Resident Evil 4 VR's Gameplay

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Resident Evil Village might be releasing in a couple of weeks, but Capcom's showcase last week confirmed a very different surprise will be joining it. Admittedly, no one is shocked to see Resident Evil 4 getting ported for yet another platform, but few could've anticipated it was coming to VR.

Launching exclusively for Oculus Quest 2, this port is being developed between Armature Studio and Oculus Studios. Featuring the exact same content, fans can expect new combat mechanics and motion controls to support this transition. As part of last night's Oculus Showcase, we were given an extended look.

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Oculus Showcase Reveals Extended Look At Resident Evil 4 VR's Gameplay

Understandably, moving to VR involves switching to a first-person perspective, and players can grab weapons off their own body. Oculus Studios confirmed support for dual-wielding weapons, alongside a new physical inventory system, but the original cutscenes will be presented in their original format.


Now running in Unreal Engine 4, Armature has ported over Capcom's original assets, increasing resolution and updating some textures. It joins Resident Evil 7 in the VR world, and we can expect 4 to launch later this year.