Resident Evil Village DLC News Could Be Coming Soon

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10/29 - In its recent financial report (thanks IGN), Capcom confirmed once again that Resident Evil Village DLC is in development, but also said that it's free. Whether this includes item packs and special modes, such as the Trauma Pack includes, or if it's some kind of free expansion is unclear. Capcom plans on revealing something new on Halloween, October 31, so we may learn more then.

With Resident Evil Village now out and players starting to finish the game, the questions have now turned to post-launch content for Capcom's latest and whether or not the game will get any DLC or expansions down the line.


Resident Evil Village DLC And Expansions

Right now, Capcom hasn't said if Resident Evil Village will be getting any expansions. There also isn't any Season Pass available, suggesting that the developer didn't plan for it prior to release.

However, Resident Evil 7 did get two DLC packs, which changed the experience offering a new way to play. These came after launch and were sold separately and bundled in with the Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition release that came in later 2017.

Nothing has been confirmed right now, but there is a possibility that Capcom announces some DLC in the future, especially given the huge success the game has seen, including being the first game in the franchise to surpass 100,000 concurrent players on Steam.


Although, given the standalone adventure and rumours that Capcom is set to release a Resident Evil 4 Remake they may want to move onto their next project.

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What Bonuses Are Available In Resident Evil Village Now?

Right now you can get some bonuses in Resident Evil Village, mainly the Survival Resources Pack DLC and the Trauma Pack DLC, both of which can be obtained in-game. You can read our guide on how to redeem those two packs here.

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