Resident Evil Village Update 1.02 Patch Notes, Now Live On PS5

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Resident Evil Village has seen a strong start since launching two weeks ago. Having shipped over 3 million copies worldwide, 49% of that figure came from PS5 sales and now, Capcom has just rolled out a Village update exclusively for Sony's new console.

Calling this "Update 1.002.000", this doesn't apply to the PS4, PC and Xbox versions of Village. As per PlayStation Game Size, this update comes in at around 27.4GB (with small regional differences) and fixes an issue with people uploading their saves to RE.NET.


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Resident Evil Village Update 1.02 Patch Notes, Now Live On PS5

Unusually, this doesn't affect North American users, covering Europe and Asia instead. On Capcom's official Resident Evil portal, they've just released the patch notes, which you can find below:

We are pleased to announce that we have started to distribute a patch for Resident Evil Village for PlayStation®5 to fix the issue that some players’ uploading data is not reflected on Resident
* This patch is for RE NET users who are playing Resident Evil Village for PlayStation®5 (excluding the North American version).
* This patch will be applied automatically when you start Resident Evil Village online.
(After applying the patch, the game version will be 1.002.000, which can be checked by selecting “Resident Evil Village” on the PlayStation®5 home screen and pressing the option button.)
After applying this patch, the data will be reflected by sending the data to RE NET.