Resident Evil Village Propeller Boss Fight Walkthrough

At the end of the Stronghold section of Resident Evil Village you'll face off against a Propeller enemy named Strum. It's a tough fight if you're not prepared. In this Resident Evil Village Propeller Boss Fight Walkthrough we'll make sure you make it out alive. Here's how to defeat Strum the Propeller boss in RE 8.

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Resident Evil Village Propeller Boss Fight (Strum) Walkthrough

Before you can face Heisenberg and escape the Stronghold in Resident Evil Village you'll need to defeat Strum. It's a mechanical monster enemy with a propeller welded to its torso. It's a tough fight, but we've managed to beat it. Here's how to defeat the Propeller Boss.

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Make sure you have plenty of shotgun ammo and mines for this fight. Some First Aid wouldn't go amiss either. Start the fight and get ready to run.

Getting More Space

Strum will charge at you down the corridor ahead. Let it do so and then lead it around the area. It will charge and break through walls, making the fighting area larger. This a great way to make the fight easier.

Shoot Strum's Weak Spot

The main strategy for defeating Strum is to allow it to charge at you, dodge out of its way and then shoot it in its weak spot. This is a red reactor located on its back.


Laying mines around is a great way to do extra damage. Lead it into them and detonate the bombs. This will build up damage.

Keep attacking

Strum doesn't have a health bar, instead you'll need to build up attacks to overheat it. After a few shots to the back the propeller will catch fire. Don't let up at this point. It will shoot fire at you. Use this as an opportunity to run around back and shoot the reactor.

Stay Mobile

You pretty much always want to be moving in this fight, leading the Propeller Boss into walls. Use any opening you can to get around behind it and fire shotgun shells into its back. The fire doesn't do too much damage so don't worry about running through it.

After you've built up enough heat, Strum will explode. You'll get a reward for beating this boss, which can be sold to the Merchant. Now that you've beaten Strum be sure to check out our guide on unlocking Beneviento's Treasure. Once you're done with that read our Resident Evil 8 Review.

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