Resident Evil Village Phantom Fish Location: Where to Get Finest Fish

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While exploring Resident Evil Village you might come across a Photo of a Phantom Fish Item. You'll need to track it down to get Finest Fish, a cooking ingredient to give to the Merchant. In this Resident Evil Village Phantom Fish guide. We'll show you where to find the Phantom Fish and how to get Finest Fish for the Duke.

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Resident Evil Village Phantom Fish Location

To get to the Phantom Fish in Resident Evil Village you will need to have obtained the Crank item. Once you have it visit the road between the altar and the Ceremony Site. There's a drawbridge here that can be lowered using the Crank. Head down the stairs and to the boat. You'll want to head down river, towards the road you came from. You'll be able to disembark at the end, where you'll find a small pool with the yellow Phantom Fish in it.

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A map showing the location of the Phantom Fish in Resident Evil Village
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Here's where to find the Phantom Fish

How to Get Finest Fish

To get Finest Fish you will need to kill the Phantom Fish and interact with its body. You'll only need one to hand into the Duke, lucky as there's only one for each playthrough.


Finest Fish Uses

The only use for Finest Fish is in a cooking dish. Hand it into the Merchant to make the Sarmale de Peste dish. This increases movement speed permanently.

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