Update: Resident Evil Village's PC Performance Patch Is Now Live

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Update - July 20, 2021

Resident Evil Village's performance patch is now live on PC. Announced yesterday via Resident Evil's official website, this patch implements two changes designed for improving performance. The first relates to the previous DRM issue, claiming that “adjustments have been made to optimise the anti-piracy technology”.


As for the second, that introduces AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution upscaling tech, claiming that players who utilise it will "be able to experience higher frame rates on PC for an improved gaming experience”. Otherwise, these update notes are pretty bare. Though it hasn't removed Denuvo's DRM, we'll soon find out how well Village now runs.

Update - July 15, 2021

Following on from Digital Foundry's investigations into Resident Evil Village's PC performance, confirming a DRM-free cracked version runs more smoothly than the official release, Capcom's issued an official response. Getting in touch with Eurogamer's team, they advised:

The team are working on a patch to address PC performance issues, it should be available soon - we'll have more details shortly.

While it's pleasing to see this is being worked on, it's disappointing that DRM was even implemented, which caused these issues to begin with. We'll keep you informed as/when we learn more about this situation, and you can find Digital Foundry's video below.


Original - July 12, 2021

PC gamers have been reporting major stuttering issues while playing Capcom's first-person adventure.

However, a recent claim has apparently fixed the aforementioned problems, and it apparently comes down to an issue of Capcom's own design.

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Resident Evil Village Stuttering Issues Fixed

Famed hacker, EMPRESS, has cracked a version of Resident Evil Village in an attempt to discover the reasoning behind Village's performance concerns. EMPRESS has previously removed and broken DRM from numerous games like Red Redemption 2 and Dark Souls 2.

EMPRESS has claimed that Capcom's own DRM is the culprit behind these problems:

All in-game shutters like the one from when you kill a zombie are fixed because Capcom DRM’s entry points are patched out so most of their functions are never executed anymore. This results in a much smoother game experience.

The eighth instalment is said to utilize Denuvo's VM, which makes Capcom's DRM unintelligible. Playing without the DRM has resulted in smoother gameplay, reduced stuttering alongside smoother framerates.


Anto-piracy software, Denuvo has been subject to scrutiny before as many PC players have reported incurring performance issues for various games.

Capcom is yet to comment on these improvements. In the meantime, the developer has much to celebrate, with the horror phenomenon reaching 4.5 million sales just last week. The development team is also working on DLC for the hit sequel.