Resident Evil Village How to Complete the Necklace With Two Holes

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If you use the Well outside of the church in Resident Evil Village you will get the Necklace With Two Holes. This is an item that can be combined with two others to create a valuable reward. To help you reassemble this necklace as soon as possible we've put together this Resident Evil Village Necklace With Two Holes guide. We'll show you the two items that you'll need to combine it with and where to find them.


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Resident Evil Village Necklace With Two Holes: What to Combine It With?

Once you've picked up the Necklace With Two Holes from the Well outside the Church in Resident Evil Village you will need to find two items to combine it with. The items are as follows.

  • Pigeon Blood Ruby
  • Large Pigeon Blood Ruby

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Pigeon Blood Ruby Item 1 Location

This first location can only be reached if you have the Mechanical Crank, and the Well Wheel. On the road leading to the Ceremony Site from the Altar there's a drawbridge. Use the Crank to lower it and get into the boat. You can sail the boat up towards Castle Dimitrescu. There's a well in this area that you can use the Well Wheel on. A ladder will be pulled up. Climb down and grab the Jewel.


Here's where the drawbridge is
Here's where the drawbridge is

Large Pigeon Blood Ruby Item 2 Location

Next up you need to head to the East Village area. There is a Mechanical Door here, on the left hand side of the map. Use the Crank to get inside and grab the final Jewel. You'll need to climb up to the location shown in the map above. There's a small box here containing the Ruby.


Combining the Necklace With Two Holes

Head into your inventory and combine the two rubies with the necklace. You can now sell it to the Merchant for a hefty profit.

That's what you need to do with the Necklace With Two Holes in Resident Evil Village. For more help with the game check out our Weapons Locations guide. Once you're done there head to our Luiza's Key guide.