Resident Evil Village: Is There Multiplayer?

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Resident Evil Village is finally here, continuing the tragic saga of Ethan Winters. You'll face down lycans, tall vampire ladies and even a mutated fish boy at one point. One question on everyone's lips is whether or not Village has multiplayer. In this Resident Evil Village Multiplayer guide we'll take a look at whether the game has a multiplayer mode, and what its online functionality is.

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Does Resident Evil Village have Multiplayer?

Resident Evil Village does not have multiplayer modes, at least not right now. There is a separate multiplayer game called RE: Verse that is set to come out later this year that will be free for those that own Village. It sees players battling it out as iconic RE characters, and is very different to Village. It's essentially a completely different game that will be added to Village when it launches.


When Does RE: Verse Come Out?

RE: Verse was delayed recently, being pushed back to Summer 2021. This could mean anything from June-September, so hold on tight for an official release date. Once it's out you'll get it for free with Village. We'll update this page with more info as we get it.

That's all you need to know about Resident Evil Village and its multiplayer functionality. For more help with the game be sure to check out our Resident Evil 8 Walkthrough. Elsewhere there's our Resident Evil Village Review.