Resident Evil Village Flower Swords Ball: What to Do With It and Solving the First Labyrinth Puzzle

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While exploring Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village you'll come across a Flower Swords Ball. This is the first in a group of items that can be used to unlock valuable rewards. To help you make the most of it as soon as possible we've put together this Resident Evil Village Flower Swords Ball guide. We'll explain where to get the Flower Swords Ball, and what to do with it.


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Where to Get the Flower Swords Ball in Resident Evil Village

To get the Flower Swords Ball in Resident Evil Village you will need to head to the upstairs area of the Opera Hall. When entering the area there will be a corridor leading up the left hand side. At the end of this corridor is a room with an enemy in it. There's an open box containing the Flower Swords Ball. Check out the screenshot below for the location.


The location of the Flower Swords Item in Resident Evil Village


What to Do With the Flower Swords Ball

Head back down to the main hall, where the Angel Statues are. There's a door here leading to the Merchant's Room. To the right of the Merchant is a miniature castle. This is the first Labyrinth Puzzle in the game. You'll need to move the ball into the glowing target. This can be pretty tricky, but just take your time and watch out for the holes in the final section of the track.

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Flower Swords Puzzle Solution and Rewards

I had an absolute nightmare with the Flower Swords puzzle, especially with the section right at the end. The thing to note is that there are holes in this area that will fail the puzzle if the ball drops down. In this final area, tilt the ball as far back as it will go, then as far left, then as far towards you. Now tilt the ball to the right and it will reach the target. You'll get a Crimson Skull for your efforts, which is worth a hell of a lot of Lei.


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