Resident Evil Village: Can You Fast Travel?

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The titular village of Resident Evil Village is a sprawling area divided up into different locales. You'll probably want to know what the fast travel situation is. In this Resident Evil Village Fast Travel guide we'll take a look at whether the game has a fast travel system

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Does Resident Evil Village Have Fast Travel

Given that Resident Evil Village takes place in a pretty big interconnected map, you might think there'd be some kind of Fast Travel system. Resident Evil Village does not have a Fast Travel mechanic of any kind, so you'll have to run everywhere on foot. You will unlock shortcuts as you play, and can even increase your movement speed by using the cooking menu at the Merchant.

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Can You Travel Back to Castle Dimitrescu

.After escaping Castle Dimitrescu we didn't manage to find a way back in. The main drawbridge is raised when you leave, and underground areas are locked off. If we find a way back in we'll update this page.

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