Resident Evil Village Ending Explained: Deaths, Timeline and Rose Ending

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Resident Evil Village continues the story of Ethan Winters, tying into the previous game and even older entries. The ending is pretty wild to say the least, setting up future games and adding a potential new protagonist. To help you make sense of what's going on, we've put together this Resident Evil Village Ending Guide. We'll take a look at the deaths, Mother Miranda's plan, and what could be happening in the future.

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Resident Evil Village Ending

Resident Evil Village's ending goes all in on the action. With the help of Chris Redfield, Ethan destroys the Megamycete. Mother Miranda is defeated, and Ethan fades away into the distance. There's a scene set many years later following this, with a focus on a now teenage Rose. Let's take a look at what it all means.

Are There Multiple Endings?

There aren't multiple endings in Resident Evil Village. Regardless of what you do during the campaign, the story will end the same way. There aren't any major choices, and no real deviation from the story being told.

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda's plan comes to light in the closing section of Resident Evil 8. Her daughter died during the Spanish flu, and while consumed by grief she wandered into the mountains. She came across the Megamycete, and learned that she could use it to bring back her daughter Eva. She experimented on villagers for years, until she kidnapped Mia as a new host. This is how she learned about Rose, and disguised herself as Mia to infiltrate the Winters' house. Chris shoots her at the start of the game, but she disguises herself as a corpse and hides away in the van. She busts out and that's what starts off the game. Chris finds Mia locked away in the village and learns of Miranda's plan.


Rose Powers

Let's talk about Rose. At the end of the story it is revealed that Rose is the ideal vessel for Mother Miranda's plans. This is because she is born of parents infected with the Megamycete. She has similar abilities to Eveline, though we don't know exactly to what extent. In the final cutscene Rose visits the grave of Ethan Winters. She is accompanied by agents, who seem to be pretty scared of her. A sniper is told to stand down after Rose gets angry at her handler. He refers to her as Eveline, alluding to her powered. It seems as if Rose is training with Chris, possibly for Umbrella. We'll have to wait and see.

Ethan Death

The main death that happens in Resident Evil Village is Ethan Winters. After tearing out his heart, Mother Miranda kills Ethan. He wakes up in the Duke's wagon, and heads out for one last fight. Ethan actually died in Resident Evil 7, and was reborn as a Megamycete host. This is how he manages to glue his hand back on and survive being impaled, among other things. He destroys the Megamycete at the end and fades away. Assuming he's dead, this means Ethan's story is now finished, the game even tells you as much in the end credits scene.


Umbrella's Involvement

Since the first reveal, Resident Evil Village has sparked debate around Umbrella's involvement in the story. Images showing what looks to be an Umbrella logo on certain chalices and ruins in Village are confusing to say the least, but once you understand that Oswall Spencer actually spent some time there before forming Umbrella it makes sense.


Spencer actually visited the Village before the events of the first game, meeting Mother Miranda and studying the Metamycete. Mother Miranda's experimentation actually inspired Spencer, kicking off the events that led to the formation of the T-Virus. Those Umbrella-like symbols? They actually inspired the logo, given that Spencer had seen them during his visit.

Where Does 8 Sit in the Timeline?

In some ways, the events revealed at the end of 8 are the beginning of the Resident Evil story, with the Megamycete being the inspiration for the T-Virus. It's difficult to place the main events of Village into the timeline, but by the end of the game we are very much in the current timeline. 8 takes place three years after 7, so is the most recent entry into the continuity. The end sequence with Rose is completely uncharted territory, setting up possible cameos from long-dormant fan-favourites.


That's all you need to know about the ending of Resident Evil 8 Village. For more on the game be sure to check out our Weapons Guide. Elsewhere there's our look at unlocking Beneviento's Treasure.