Resident Evil Village Will Feature During Capcom's E3 2021 Presentation

Will there be Resident Evil Village DLC?

Capcom’s E3 2021 announcement certainly gives us cause to think there could be — and we certainly won’t complain if they do.

The game released in early May, yet Capcom said RE Village is one of the games headlining its E3 showcase.

Unless it’s a Re:Verse announcement somehow just tangentially Village related, there’s pretty much nothing else it could be aside from RE Village DLC.

Village already has the robust Mercenaries mode, so we’re a bit in the dark about what Capcom might have planned.

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Latest News From E3

June 14 - Capcom E3

Capcom announced RE Village DLC is in development. Development has only just begun, and more information will be shared later.

June 14 - We're less than 24 hours away from the start of Capcom's live E3 Showcase.

The event itself gets underway at 14:30 Pacific Time (PT) which for those in the UK means a rather late watch at 10.30pm BST.

It's all available to watch via E3's official channels, so that means you can tune in with either Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter channels.

Hopefully, Street Fighter 5 will have something to show us during the event. It's more likely to be on the Summer Update, but we could see something on Akira too.

Resident Evil Village DLC Announcement

June 11 - So far, we only have Capcom saying something wicked this way comes.

Village will take center stage for a time during the developer's E3 2021 presentation, though in what capacity, we aren't yet sure.

Resident Evil Village DLC Release Date

Since we don't have a proper announcement yet, we naturally don't have any idea of a release date either.

However, assuming rumors about RE 4 remake and Resident Evil Outrage have any truth in them, we'd expect Village's DLC to release sooner so it doesn't conflict with other releases.

Resident Evil Village DLC Price

TBC, though we doubt very much that it'll be free since Resident Evil 7's story DLC was paid as well.

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