Resident Evil Village - Where To Find The F2 Sniper Rifle

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With how many enemies and frights swarm you in Resident Evil Village, you might want to put some distance between you and them, which is where the F2 Sniper Rifle is useful. Here is the location of the weapon and where to find it.

F2 Sniper Rifle Location

As highlighted by our own Jake Green in his weapon guide for the game, the F2 Sniper Rifle in Resident Evil Village can be found in Castle Dimitrescu.

Within Castle Dimitrescu, it can be found in the attic above the Atelier, after you complete the 5 Bells puzzle.

The F2 Sniper Rifle takes up a fair bit of space in your inventory, so be sure to have a 2x5 block free when going to pick it up. If you don't have enough space, you can drop a few items or go and expand your inventory space at The Duke.

If you are low on money, however, be sure to check out our guide on how to earn Lei in the game.

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The F2 Sniper Rifle has a few attachments to purchase from The Duke, so if you like the weapon, be sure to circle back to him every now and again to see what you can buy to improve your aiming and damage.

That covers how to obtain the F2 Sniper Rifle in Resident Evil Village. Be sure to keep an eye on our page covering the game for new guides and news related to the game.

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