How To Redeem Resident Evil Village Pre-Order Bonuses

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As with most Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Village is a tough survival challenge, asking you to take on fearsome foes and make it out the other side. But, that experience can be made a bit easier with the game's pre-order bonuses which can be redeemed in-game.

How To Redeem Resident Evil Village Pre-Order Bonuses

If you bought Resident Evil Village digitally you don't have to manually redeem them as the bonuses should download alongside the game.


However, if you obtained a physical copy of Resident Evil Village, you will need to find the pre-order bonus code inside the retail box. Then, enter that code into your platform's store, downloading and installing it to your system from there.

All of these items are unlocked at various points with the majority of them being picked up at the Merchant, The Duke.

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What Are The Resident Evil Village Pre-Order Bonuses?

The Resident Evil Village pre-order bonuses come in the form of extra resources you can obtain when you play. Players will get access to the Mr. Raccoon weapon charm and the Survival Resource Pack. The latter provides you with a number of resources early on, such as a lockpick, bullets, and healing items.


These items only provide a small bonus when the game begins, so don't worry if you don't have them, you should still be able to make it out alive!

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