Redfall: Why I'm Worried About Arkane's Latest Game's Multiplayer Options

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Redfall, the next title from Arkane Austin, was unveiled at Microsoft's E3 press conference as a big show closer.

I adore Arkane's work, particularly in the Dishonored franchise, but this latest venture has me feeling a tad worried. Here's why.


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Redfall: Why I'm Worried About Arkane's Latest Game's Multiplayer Options

Arkane's two studios, both in Austin and in Lyon, are certainly busy right now. With Redfall slated for a 2022 release and Deathloop preparing for launch in September, it's an exciting time to be a fan of the franchise.

But while Deathloop takes the developer's choice-based gameplay and wealth of powers and infuses them with the kind of firepower Dishonored's Corvo Attano would blush at, Redfall has players teaming up in a modern-day setting to take on Vampires.


The concept alone is sure to please fans of Buffy and Blade in equal measure, but the four-player co-op is what has me a little concerned.

Dishonored, Prey, and seemingly Deathloop are perfect for bending the in-game rules to your whim. Take Dishonored, for example. Players can play the entire game non-lethally, carve a bloody swathe through Dunwall's citizens, or stop anywhere in between.

That's possible because there's infinite time to plan your next move, or adapt in your own way. Dropping that patient gameplay is a little worrying.

Sure, Deathloop has multiplayer, but it's optional and invasion-based, meaning it feeds into Arkane's history of "water-cooler moments". Redfall can be played solo, but if levels need to be wide enough to accommodate a quartet of players then will it lose some of the magic of Arkane's prior work, where everything feels deliberate?

If I'm being honest, if there's one developer that's earned the right to try something new, I'd argue it's Arkane. I'd love to see Dishonored's power-filled gameplay work in a multiplayer setting, albeit with what appears to be more of a horror element and more bullets, but I need to see more before I'm totally convinced.