Fans Are Angry With Red Dead Online’s Apparent Lack of Support

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The last Red Dead Online update wasn't quite what fans hoped for. In fact, the whole thing has proven to be a bit of a bust, especially when compared to its predecessor GTA Online, and fans aren't happy.

As Kotaku first reported, the straw that broke the horse's back happened recently, when Red Dead Online announced a month-long event that only gives fans an increased payout and not much else.

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Fans Are Angry With Red Dead Online’s Lack of Support

This has led to fans posting about how Rockstar Games should save Red Dead Online, which turned into #SaveRedDeadOnline trending on social media, showing how dire fans believe the situation is.

Fans believe Red Dead Online is a barren wasteland. Blood Money was the last major update and that's almost a year old already

Still, most of Rockstar's time has likely been spent on GTA Online, GTA V's next-gen edition, and whatever might be going on with GTA 6.

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