Red Dead Online: Should You Buy the Hired Gun Kit?

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One of the newest features for Red Dead Online’s Blood Money update is the option to buy the Hired Gun Kit, which contains items, resources and Capitale for players to make the most out of. Where can you buy it, and what exactly does it do? We’ll explain here if you should buy the Hired Gun Kit.

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Should You Buy the Hired Gun Kit in the Red Dead Online Blood Money Update?

The Hired Gun Kit is an inessential, but potentially useful way to get a head start on progress with the Blood Money update, allowing players to get numerous helpful items and resources with a single gold payment. We’ll go through what’s in it below and what you can use from it, as well as the question: is it worth it?

What’s in the Hired Gun Kit?

The Hired Gun Kit contains the following items when purchased.

  • The Fierro Bandana
  • Various weapon ammunition
  • Various tonics and health consumables
  • Gun Oil
  • 10 Capitale (the new Blood Money update currency/resource)

Where to Buy the Hired Gun Kit

The Hired Gun Kit can be purchased from any of the game’s Fences, found in various locations on the map and marked with an icon of a satchel. If you’ve recently had the cutscene and met Guido Martelli to start the Blood Money update, that means the closest one will be the figure in the enclosed market on the East side of Saint Denis, but any of them will do just fine.

Once you find them, the Hired Gun Kit will be near the bottom of what they’re selling. At time of writing it costs five Gold Bars, but this may change in the future, as Rockstar has often put discounts or temporary sales on certain items.

Red Dead Online Hired Gun Kit Bandanna

Where to Get the Hired Gun Kit Contents

If you haven’t got the Hired Gun Kit’s contents added to your inventory upon purchasing it, try heading to a Post Office or your camp’s lockbox. If your inventory was full, the contents will have been sent there and can be claimed at any time.

Is the Hired Gun Kit Worth It?

We’re uncertain whether the Hired Gun Kit is worth buying, but it largely depends on your progress in-game. The fact that it comes with 10 Capitale is the biggest sell, but Fences also sell bundles of 10 Capitale on their own for three Gold Bars, which is cheaper, though it admittedly doesn’t come with the other extras.


That being said, ammo and gun oil is not hard to find in Red Dead Online, and probably isn’t worth spending two Gold Bars on if you’ve already got it all. Tonics are a bit rarer and a permanent Bandanna to keep in your wardrobe is nice, but if you have all these things already, it’s probably not worth it. Instead, save your Gold for items and perks that can only be bought with Gold.

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