Red Dead Online Halloween Mode Leaks, Could Bring Zombies

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Red Dead Online has grown almost constantly, and it's about to get a whole lot scarier with Halloween approaching.

While we have some idea of what to expect, it appears dataminers have uncovered zombies coming to the game - just as they did in Red Dead Redemption's (excellent) Undead Nightmare expansion.


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Red Dead Online Getting Zombies For Halloween?

YouTube channel Red Dead Guides shared a look at a series of zombie models that will appear in the game at some point in the near future, dubbed the "Army of Fear".

Arguably not the scariest of zombie characters, we wonder if we'll still feel the same way when they do their best to creep up on us in the dark of the Wild West.


Check out the video below.

The information comes from dataminer @MuzTuber on Twitter, who stumbled upon audio files and a potential name for the Halloween event: "Fear of Us" - similar to last year's "Fear of the Dark".

Mentions in the DLC audio files of music for something called FEAR OF US/FOA, possibly the name of a limited time gamemode for Halloween. Similar name to last year's one.
— Müz (@MuzTuber)
July 30, 2020

Honestly, Red Dead Redemption 2's pretty insane levels of detail could make this a really tense, and eerie kind of Halloween event, and for someone that hasn't jumped into Red Dead Online, I'm definitely tempted to hop in and check this out.


Imagine stumbling through some of the swamps near Saint Denis, and spotted a group of staggering zombies in the fog ahead.

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