Red Dead Online: How To Fix Infinite Loading Screen On PS5

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Rockstar updated Red Dead Online with its recent big summer expansion in Blood Money.

But some fans are finding it extremely difficult to log into the game, specifically on the PS5.

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The Problem

Some users playing Red Dead Online on PS5 are unable to log onto the game, with loading screens being permanently stuck on 50%.

One user noted the ongoing issue, as the problem has lasted 3 weeks up until now. While another fan spent 45 minutes trying to enter the game.

No cause has been linked to the issue but, various solutions have been curated by fans in order to counteract this.


One user indicated how the loading screen problem is evident by logging onto Red Dead Online through anywhere but the Camp. Joining onto Rockstar servers only through the Camp may avoid this mishap.

While another player transferred their Red Dead Online save data onto an external SSD or external hard drive. Doing so may also divert the loading issue.

Another user found that opening another game completely and closing Red Dead Online, then opening the cowboy adventure may revert the glitch.

Despite lasting a few weeks, Rockstar has yet to comment on the prolonged loading issue.

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