Red Dead Online Is Adding A New Survival Mode Next Week

Cowboys are currently in the midst of Red Dead Online's latest summer update, Blood Money, consisting of new quests in Opportunities and Dockside Missions.

And it seems like Rockstar is expanding its offerings with the addition of a survival mode.

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Red Dead Online Is Adding A New Survival Mode Next Week

Ready your lassos as you face off in Rockstar's latest mode, Call to Arms. Though revealing minimal details, Call to Arms will act as a survival mode where players face off against swarms of enemies in order to protect local civilians.

The unique feature will be added to Red Dead Online on August 10th.

Broncos can also take part in Dockside Missions that were added last week. Through the completion of these contracts, players can get their hands on unique Capitale and rewards.

While fans can find out how to begin Rockstar's ambitious Blood Money expansion here.

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