Red Dead Online Iwakta Panther Location: How To Find The Legendary Iwakta Panther

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Completing compendiums in Red Dead Online can get a little tedious but its worth it!

Next up on the hunt is a new legendary panther!


Find out how to hunt and find the Legendary Iwakta Panther below.

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Legendary Iwakta Panther

First of all, talk to Harriet and speak to her about the Iwakta Panther.

You'll spawn near Braithwaite Manor, ride ahead towards the house.

To your left, you'll two men talking about a panther attack.

After listening to them you'll be prompted to head to the field, which will be marked on your map.


Once there you'll have to use Eagle Eye to hunt for signs of the Legendary Iwakta Panther.

Inspect the areas that are marked yellow, then follow the trail towards the panther.

You'll once again have to inspect clues in the area.

Keep doing this until you arrive at a camp, a cutscene will ensue with the panther in a tree looking down on the men at the camp.

Once the cutscene ends you'll have to sedate the Legendary Iwakta Panther.

Now sample it and head back to Harriet to hand it in.

Redo the mission to complete the compendium.


The list of things required to complete the compendium include:

  • Track
  • Kill
  • Skin
  • Study
  • Sedate
  • Sample
  • Photograph

You won't be able to take a sample and skin the animal in the same encounter.

Meaning you'll have to do the mission twice and find the legendary animal again to complete the compendium entry.

Have fun!