Red Dead Online: How to Start the Blood Money Update

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Red Dead Online’s newest summer update, the Blood Money update, is out now, with a whole new range of crimes and mercenary jobs to take the players to greater heights of infamy. But how to start the Blood Money update and all the content that follows? We’ll lay everything out in our guide below.

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How to Start the Blood Money Update in Red Dead Online

Players can start the Blood Money update in Red Dead Online by meeting Guido Martelli, the crime lord whose meeting essentially triggers the activation of the Blood Money crime missions and quests across the world. However, there are a few steps to this.

  1. Open the Satchel with the left D-Pad and go to the Documents section, then select the “Letters” sub-menu.
  2. One of the options should be simply listed as “Letter from “M””. If you don’t have it in your inventory, try checking a Post Office or your camp Lockbox to see if it’s there.
  3. Either way, once you have it, read it in your inventory.
  4. This will open up a Gold-marked mission in the centre of Saint Denis, marking the Pagoda in the garden opposite the Vaudeville theatre, close to the upmarket clothing store.
  5. Head there to trigger a cutscene where you meet with Guido Martelli, officially starting the Blood Money content.
Red Dead Online Blood Money Update start letter

Where to Go After Meeting Guido Martelli

After your meeting with Guido, this will open up four viable “contacts” across the map where players can then go to get Blood Money missions. They’ll be marked on your map, but otherwise check these locations:

  • West of Rhodes
  • East of Emerald Ranch
  • Far West of Blackwater, in Tall Trees
  • South of Armadillo on the shore of Lake Don Julio

Each of these locations essentially offer a random mission from a pool each time you visit them, with the pools differing depending on the location (though from what we can tell there is some overlap). We’ve marked all these locations on the map below for you to check out.

Red Dead Online Blood Money Update map locations
Red Dead Online Blood Money Update start map locations

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