Red Dead Online Blood Money Update: Capitale Uses and Opportunity Payouts

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Capitale is the new resource for Red Dead Online, a rare and useful currency found through Crimes and special events introduced in the Blood Money. But how exactly do you make the most of it? We’ll show you Capitale's uses and the Opportunity payouts in our guide below.

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How to Use Capitale in the Red Dead Online Blood Money Update

As of writing, Capitale has one use: as a payment to unlock and play the special “Opportunity” Crime missions that grant major rewards. The price of these Opportunities varies according to what difficulty you choose to do them at: Standard, Hard or Ruthless. By selecting higher difficulties and paying more, players can get more money at the other end of the mission.

Joe demands 15 Capitale for the standard Covington Emerald Opportunity in Red Dead Online

Opportunity Missions and Capitale Prices

At time of writing the only Opportunity Crime mission that Rockstar has released is the Covington Emerald, a mission based around stealing and selling a rare gem. With no restarts it should take players roughly 15-30 minutes to complete, but we’ve laid out everything you need to know below, as well as the payout you can expect. Bear in mind that we’ve put approximate payouts, because for some reason, the game seems to pay players more as they spend more time in the mission, at least as far as we can work out. We have no idea why this is at time of writing, but will update this guide as new aspects emerge. Honestly, until this changes, it’s in your benefit to just not do anything for ten minutes when the missions start, just to make sure you’re getting the maximum payout. Exciting frontier outlaw action!


Covington Emerald Payout

Difficulty Capitale Cost Approx. Maximum Payout

What Else Can You Spend Capitale On?

At time of writing the Covington Emerald Opportunity is the only way to spend Capitale, but we’ll update this guide as new Opportunities emerge or new means to spend Capitale are added to the game.


Of course, you’ll need to know how to farm Capitale, which we’ve got a guide on right here. Alternatively, check out how to farm Gold for an even more valuable resource.