Rockstar Announces Red Dead Online Summer Update At Last

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The Red Dead Online summer update is finally almost here. Rockstar outlined what to expect in the summer update, officially called Red Dead Online Blood Money, when it releases July 13 in a new blog post.

Blood Money revolves around a new set of crimes you’ll commit to impress the Saint Denis society.


Guido Martelli wants some confident and able outlaws to “recover” something known as Capitale, originally designed to aid tax evasion before the undeserving criminals took it for their own.

Blood Money requires no upfront investment and introduces a new set of activities known as Crimes.

Here's everything we know about Blood Money.

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Red Dead Online Blood Money Release Date

The Red Dead Online summer update starts July 13 and will include several phases of content.

Red Dead Online Blood Money Trailer


Red Dead Online Blood Money Crimes

These range from holding up coaches to kidnapping, debt collection, and more, and you can do crimes alone or with a posse of fellow outlaws.

Red Dead Online Blood Money Opportunities

The goal is finding evidence of Capitale, whether in hidden chests, homesteads, or just through rumors.


Eventually, you’ll open new Opportunities, open-ended tasks where you’re free to decide how you reach the goal of bringing Martelli’s political opponent down.

There are three Red Dead Redemption Blood Money Opportunities total, and the remaining two will unlock as the event progresses.

Red Dead Online Blood Money Quick Draw Club

The Blood Money Quick Draw Club is a set of four new passes that will release over the next few months.

These passes give you items, rewards, and outfits, including Dutch's outfit, and will cost 25 Gold Bars each.

However, Rockstar said completing the passes will earn you the 25 Bars back. Purchasing all four will give you this year's Halloween pass for free.

Other Changes

When Blood Money releases July 13, you'll be able to find previous Outlaw Pass Skills and Satchel Pamphlets on sale at the Fence. Outfits from passes two and three are coming back for a second round as well.


[Source: Rockstar]