Red Dead Online Blood Money Update: How to Farm Capitale

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Capitale is the newest resource and currency added to Red Dead Online as part of the Blood Money update, used to access special Opportunity crimes through which players can earn major rewards. We’ll show you how to farm Capitale and all the ways you can earn it quickly here.

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How to Farm Capitale in the Red Dead Online Blood Money Update

To farm Capitale in the Red Dead Online Blood Money update, players will need to have started off by meeting Guido Martelli and unlocking all the new content. However, once you’ve done that, you can then start earning Capitale in multiple ways, some of which are more efficient than others. We’ll go through them all below and how you can speed up the process to properly farm Capitale as quickly as possible.

A fence sells Capitale for Gold Bars in Red Dead Online after the Blood Money update

How to Earn Capitale

Capitale is a new currency that can be earned in multiple ways, mostly through the Crimes accessed by the different figures spread across the map. Check the list below for all the ways that players can currently earn Capitale:

  • Buying 10 Capitale for 3 Gold Bars at any Fence (you can do this as much as you want, as long as you have the Gold to pay for it)
  • Buying the Hired Gun Kit from a Fence
  • As progress rewards in the new Quick Draw Club Pass
  • In Enemy Camps and Homesteads during Free Roam
  • Found on enemies and figures of importance during Crime missions
  • Found in chests and containers in areas of importance during Crime Missions

Some of these methods, such as buying Capitale through the Fence, are relatively self-explanatory. However, finding it using the Crime missions is harder to do, so we’ve put together some info on how to do that.

Where to Find Capitale During Crime Missions

While performing the Crime missions that the various contacts give you, there’s a chance to find Capitale on various characters and in various locations. While the places to look vary from mission-to-mission, here are some good places to look and things to keep in mind for you to find Capitale:

Loot the bodies of all NPCs who are vitally important to the mission in some way. Assassination Targets, characters who are holding essential valuables you have to rob, gang leaders and so on. These are the characters who usually have Capitale on them.

A player finds Capitale on a corpse in Red Dead Online during a Blood Money crime mission

If you’re in key locations such as enemy camps, trains or outposts, use Dead Eye to check around for chests and containers, especially in attics or other, less-obvious locations. These can have Capitale inside.


Capitale Rewards for Crime Missions

Despite being the major new currency, players don’t actually get Capitale as a reward for most Crime Missions, instead getting the usual blend of Gold, money and experience. The Capitale is just found optionally during the mission, so if you don’t keep an eye open, it’s entirely possible to go through the entire thing without finding any.

Best Exploit for Farming Capitale Quickly

At time of writing the best way to farm Capitale that we know of is to progress the Railroad Contract Blood Money Mission to its third stage, then progress to the point where you’re told to Capture the Railroad Director alive.

However, instead of capturing him, just shoot him in the head the first chance you get and loot 3 Capitale off his body. This will fail the mission, but that’s kind of the point - from there, go back to any Crime-mission-giver and restart the Railroad Contract Part 3. Then repeat this cycle ad infinitum until you have all the Capitale you want and a pile of dead directors behind you.

Why fail the mission on purpose when you could just knock the Director unconscious and loot his body safely? Because if you do complete it, you’ll have to restart the whole Railroad Contract mission chain to get here and commit to doing the previous two stages. By killing the Director and failing this sequence, you can essentially just reload Part 3 and vastly expedite the process.

Joe the Crime Mission contact offers Capitale jobs in Red Dead Online Blood Money

We also recommend getting the Quick Draw Pass if you’re playing this game a lot. It’s a pretty short Pass, and by completing it players can earn 65 Capitale total, as well as get back all the Gold Bars they paid in the first place.

Of course, you’ll need Gold to buy it in the first place, and if you want to know how to Farm Gold, we’ve got that here. Or check out everything you need to know about Red Dead Online’s Telegram Missions here.