Red Dead Online Christmas Event 2021: Release Date, News, Gifts, Bounties, And What To Expect

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Red Dead Online has celebrated a range of occasions, as shown by its recent addition of Halloween Pass 2 to mark the spooky event.

With the holiday season right around the corner, you might be wondering what's in store for this year's festivities. Since its release in 2018, fans have been greeted with new bounties, weapons, and festive gear to pimp out your trusty saddle.


So what does Rockstar have planned in 2021? Here's everything we know so far.

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Latest News

13 December, 2021 -

Red Dead Online's Christmas 2021 update is due to go live tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it. We don't know exactly what time that'll go live, though we'd believe it's in line with the daily reset at 9am BST. As soon as we know, we'll keep you informed.

Release Date

Rockstar has confirmed through an official blog post that this year's Christmas event runs from December 14th, 2021 until January 5th, 2022. As such, that'll run for an extensive four weeks, so there's plenty of time to jump in.


Gifts And Gear

I got the horses in the back.....
I got the horses in the back.....

2021's event has several gifts, though you'll need to log in across different weeks to obtain them all.

A Winter Evans Repeater is free for all players between December 14th-29th, while December 14th and Christmas Day provides 25 Capitale and a free accessory. December 26th and January 5th gives 10 sticks of Volatile Dynamite and 20 Fire Arrows and finally, a free Winter Shotgun Coat is available from December 28th to January 5th.

As for discounts, you can find them in full on the official website, but here's what Rockstar has promised:

Those looking to join the ranks of the head-hunters can take 5 Gold Bars off both Bounty Hunter Licenses, as well as half off all Bolas (including Hawkmoth, Brookstone, and Gravesend variants), 30% off the Bounty Hunter Wagon, and 40% off all Novice, Promising and Established Bounty Hunter Role Items.

Bounties, Contracts and Bonuses

All bounty hunters experienced a double XP bonus last year through all Bounty-related events, and 2021's no different. Rockstar's confirmed these bonuses:

Earn 2X RDO$ and Character XP in Call to Arms, plus 2X RDO$ and Role XP on all Bounty Missions from now until January 5.
From December 28 to January 5, bring in Player Bounties alive for 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP, or cold ‘n’ dead for RDO$200. Likewise, deliver any Legendary or Infamous Bounties — dead or alive — to receive 2 Hawkmoth Bolas.
Modes like Make It Count and Last Stand are doling out 3X RDO$ and XP and 2X Gold, while Gun Rush, Gun Rush Teams, Spoils of War, Up in Smoke, and Overrun are all paying out Double Rewards

Game Modes

Christmas last year in Red Dead Online
Christmas last year in Red Dead Online

Like every Christmas, Red Dead Online applies a festive twist on some of its most beloved competitive showdowns. In 2020, Make It Count - Bow & Arrow and Last Stand both received a Christmas, as they were replicated in the snowy outbacks.

Much like before, 2021's event features seasonal Call to Arms maps, where bandits are laying siege to holdouts at Colter, Rhodes, Hanging Dog Ranch, and Emerald Ranch. To look into these, check your inbox check at the Post Office between December 21 and January 5 for Telegrams.

Reaching the last wave on a Holiday Call to Arms map brings an added bonus too, providing an "Offer for 50% off any weapon."

Map Changes

Red Dead Online replicates the festive spirit really well. Previous years have featured twinkly lights, bombastic Christmas trees, deadly snowy blizzards. Bands and carol singers play themed music throughout the wild west, while certain areas become more dangerous to traverse thanks to 'snow' alligators.

Snow showers over the desert, even lasting into the new year. 2021 is no different, where you can expect to find festive decorations across your Campsite, Moonshine Shack, and Saint Denis. So, expect a similarly merry mood later this year.