Why Is Rainbow Six Called Team Rainbow? And Who Is Six?

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Rainbow Six Siege is in its sixth year of content now, but you may have been wondering just why the game's team are called "Team Rainbow".

After all, it's a pretty colourful moniker for a series of special forces operatives that wear dark clothing and go charging through doors. Here's how they earned the name.


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Why Is Rainbow Six Called Team Rainbow?

Team Rainbow is full of Operators of various nationalities, and despite receiving funding from the US, really is a global lineup.

That's why the team is dubbed 'Rainbow' - because they fight for a new flag that's not their own, organised by their boss, Six.


Who Is The Leader, 'Six'?

Six is a codename and there have been many directors of Team Rainbow over the years.

In the franchise's storied history, there was John Clark, then former team member Domingo Chavez, before Siege introduced us to Aurelia Arnot, played by Angela Bassett.

The current Six is Dr Harisha Pandey, an Indian man who prefers to be called Harry.


In other timelines within the Tom Clancy Universe, there have been yet more Sixes - but Arnot remains the only female to have held the position.