What Time Is Rainbow Six Siege's PS5 Update Coming Out?

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Rainbow Six Siege's next-gen enhancements will come to the game on PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X very soon. 

This is an update players's have been waiting for since the release of next-gen consoles, and it is finally happening. 


The update will implement an ample amount of graphical updates to the game along with some performance bonuses. 

Here is all that is coming with the update along with what day the update goes live! 



Below is the list of changes coming when the next-gen update gets implemented. 

  • 4K resolution (PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X) / 1080p (Xbox Series S)
  • 120 fps (PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X)
  • DualSense™ wireless controller capabilities for even deeper immersion (PlayStation®5)
  • Activities support for the most popular playlists so players can dive into the game faster (PlayStation®5)
  • Better accessibility (readability options, text to speech and speech to text)
  • Quick start (optimised login flow, streamlined intro sequence)
  • Ubisoft Connect overlay



The upgraded versions of Siege will launch on PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X on December 1.


A specific time has not been confirmed by Ubisoft as of now, but we can assume it will be sometime around mid-day.

Stay tuned for more news on the massive PS5 update coming this week!