Rainbow Six Siege And Destiny 2 Cheat-Makers Have Been Taken To Court

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With the ever-growing popularity of Rainbow Six: Siege and Destiny 2, players are continuously finding ways to sharpen their competitive edge.

But it has become increasingly harder to tackle cheating in gaming, as evident in Ubisoft and Bungie's recent lawsuit.


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Rainbow Six Siege And Destiny 2 Cheat-Makers Have Been Taken To Court

In accordance with the Californian district, Bungie and Ubisoft have issued a lawsuit against several individuals behind Ring-1, a provider of cheats in both games.

Through the process of weekly subscriptions, Ring-1 provides aimbot, health, and weapon cheats. As showcased by PCGamer, Ring-1 sells Siege cheat bundles for 25 euros a week:

For 25 euros a week, a cheater can get a bundle of Rainbow Six Siege hacks like an aimbot, configurable ESP tools to show the health and distance of other players, options to alter weapon spread and recoil, a hardware ID spoofer so they don't get banned (or if they've previously been banned, can get around it), and a "Long Knife", to stab people on the other side of the map.

With regards to Destiny 2, the weekly bundles sell for 30 euros and incorporate continuous ammo, aimbot during PvP, ESP, and HWID spoofer to evade bans.


Ring-1 also sells similar packages for other popular, competitive games like PuBG, Call Of Duty, and Apex Legends.

As stated by the lawsuit, the associated bundles sold by Ring-1 aim to:

impair and destroy not only the game experience, but also Plaintiffs' overall businesses and their reputation among their respective player communities.

Ring-1 has also been accused of copyright infringement through reproduction, modification, and reverse engineering of the games:

Defendants engaged in acts of unlawful reproduction, adaptation, public display, and public performance of the Games and their constituent elements, including but not limited to by (a) reproducing artwork and images from the Games on the Ring-1 Website; (b) adapting the Games or causing the Games to be adapted by modifying the Games’ performance, appearance, and screen displays; and (c) reproducing Game client files without a license or outside the scope of the license in the process of reverse engineering, testing, and/or decompiling those files in connection with the development of the Cheating Software. Such conduct constitutes copyright infringement.

Currently, in its 6th year, Rainbow Six Siege continues to run strong following the launch of Operation North Star. While Crystal Guard is heavily anticipated by fans, before it hits later this year.

While Destiny 2 is about to transition into Season 15, as Season of the Splicer continues until August 24th. Guardians are also looking forward to The Witch Queen, the next ambitious expansion which will launch in 2022.