Some Rainbow Six Siege Players Are 'Renown Farming' In Japan

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Just yesterday, Ubisoft and Bungie issued a joint lawsuit against Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny 2 cheat-makers.

It seems like many players are finding innovative ways to cheat in Siege, as various users have been accused of being AFK in Japan, joining Siege matches just to gain Siege's in-game currency of Renown.

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Some Rainbow Six Siege Players Are 'Renown Farming' In Japan

Ubisoft's in-game currency of Renown can be used to unlock various guns, attachments, and operators. These can be earned by performing Ubisoft's daily challenges and can be earned by completing Siege's matches.

Even though these items can be unlocked through the purchase of R6 Credits, many users in Japan have discovered a workaround to earn Renown easily, specifically on the PS4.

On the PS4, the default 'select' button is O (circle) in Japan, different from a majority of the world's standard X (cross). O is also the same button used to crouch in Siege.

So players in Japan have modified their controllers to press O automatically or hold onto O constantly. Because the player is crouching, they are not kicked out for inactivity.


A video showcases the ridiculous end-result, where these AFK players are constantly crouching, resulting in users naming these cheaters as "Bouncers":

Ubisoft has responded to Eurogamer, noting that they are aware of the issue and are working on a detection method to recognize these Bouncers:

The Rainbow Six Siege team is fully aware of this situation and is currently defining a long-term strategy for addressing this while analysing the impact this has on the game and its player base. While the development team has not set an official date of implementation for a resolution of the problem, they are actively investigating these disruptive actions to create a best practice for their detection, in order to properly sanction them.

Currently, in its 6th year, Rainbow Six Siege continues to run strong following the launch of Operation North Star. While Crystal Guard is heavily anticipated by fans before it hits later this year.

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