Rainbow Six Siege Offers 'Year One' Limited-Time Mode

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Rainbow Six Siege with celebrate its fifth year anniversary with a limited-time Year One mode.

The 'Legacy Arcade' mode runs until January 5th, and in that time the game will offer the original 20 Operators with their standard setups from back in 2015.


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Rainbow Six Siege Offers 'Year One' Limited-Time Mode

Check out the trailer for the event below:


In the five years that followed, the game has grown exponentially, with fresh Operators, maps, and reworks of the game's core systems.

This event strips things back and switches the game's scopes back to how they worked earlier this year before being overhauled.

"Though your Operators will have their current abilities, all of your secondary gadgets will be fitting the original loadout of the game. That means no claymore, no impact or anything that was released later in the game," Ubisoft's blog reads.

"That also means that Ash, Bandit and Jager’s weapons will get back the scopes 2.5x(ACOG) they had upon release. The only exception being the deployable shields, which will remain the current ones."


Plant Bomb will be the match-type, while Hereford Base and House return in their original layout.

Ubisoft is also offering a free Operator to anyone that plays in the limited-time arcade, while players that already have them all can get an Elf skin for Ash.

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