Rainbow Six Siege: When Does Operation North Star Launch?

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Rainbow Six Siege's next Operation, North Star, is poised to be a big update for Ubisoft's tactical shooter.

There's a new operator, Thunderbird, who acts as a healer, and a rework of Favela that entirely redesigns the interior spaces.

Aside from new content, there are quality of life tweaks in abundance - like an icon to show when your teammate is down, reworked armour system, and changes to barrel attachments.


That's a lot to look forward to, but when can you play it?

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Rainbow Six Siege: When Does Operation North Star Launch?

Operation North Star will launch on June 14, meaning it'll drop around E3.

If you're hoping to play sooner, then there's good news (so long as you're on PC). The game's test server, available through Ubisoft Connect to anyone that owns Rainbow Six: Siege, will get the game on May 25th.

While there's no way for console players to go hands on with the changes yet, PC players can peek behind the curtain and test out not just Operation North Star, but some of the exciting upcoming changes, too - including the post-death gadget options we previewed earlier this year.