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Rainbow Six Siege: Best Weapon Attachments For Year 6


Rainbow Six Siege is into its sixth year of content, but it can be a tricky game to jump into.


One of the biggest issues for players in Rainbow Six is the recoil on most of the weapons, so you'll need to pick your weapon and attachments carefully.

For this reason, many players in the community have taken it upon themselves to meticulously test every single weapon in the game with all attachments that affect recoil (so no Silencer or Extended barrel).

Each of these attachments interacts differently with each Operator’s weapon, so you'll still need to do a little bit of testing to feel the full benefit.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Weapon Attachment Guide

Know your attachments

For those of you who didn’t know, a ‘Compensator’ reduces horizontal recoil, while reducing the variety of the vertical climb speed between every shot.

‘Flash Hider’ reduces both horizontal and vertical recoil.

‘Muzzle Brake’ reduces vertical recoil, and moves the aim back to the position of the crosshairs faster than any other barrel.

We’ve created an extensive list of the best barrel attachment for every weapon in the game (organised by the class of weapon), so check it out below.

Assault Rifles

  • 416-C Carbine (Jager) – Compensator
  • 552 Commando (IQ) – Compensator
  • 556XI (Thermite) – Flash Hider
  • AK-12 (Fuze) – Muzzle Brake
  • AR33 (Thatcher) – Flash Hider
  • AUG A2 (IQ) – Compensator
  • C7E (Jackal) – Compensator
  • C8-SFW (Buck) – Flash Hider
  • F2 (Twitch) – Muzzle Brake
  • G36C (Ash) – Compensator
  • L85A2 (Sledge, Thatcher) – Flash Hider
  • M762 (Zofia) – Compensator
  • MK17 CQB (Blackbeard) - Muzzle Brake
  • PARA-308 (Caipitao) – Muzzle Brake
  • R4-C (Ash) – Flash Hider
  • SPEAR .308 (Finka) – Muzzle Brake
  • TYPE-89 (Hibana) - Compensator
  • V308 (Lion) – Muzzle Brake 


  • ALDA 5.56 (Maestro) – Muzzle Brake
  • G8A1 (IQ) – Compensator
  • LMG-E (Zofia) – Muzzle Brake
  • M249 (Capitao) – Compensator


  • 9x19VSN (Kapkan, Tachanka) – Compensator
  • FMG-9 (Smoke) – Flash Hider
  • K1A (Vigil) – Compensator
  • M12 (Caveira) – Flash Hider
  • MP5 (Doc, Rook) – Flash Hider
  • MP5K (Mute) – Compensator
  • MP7 (Bandit) – Compensator
  • MPX (Valkyrie) – Compensator
  • Mx4 Storm (Alibi) – Compensator
  • PDW9 (Jackal) – Compensator
  • Scorpion Evo 3 A1 (Ela) - Compensator
  • T-5 SMG (Lesion) – Flash Hider
  • UMP45 (Castle, Pulse) - Compensator
  • Vector .45 ACP (Mira) – Compensator
  • SMG-11 (Smoke) – Compensator


  • Every pistol – Muzzle Brake
  • BEARING 9 (Hibana) – Compensator
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