Rainbow Six Siege: Test Server Patch Notes (21st July)

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Rainbow Six Siege test servers are getting an update!

A Reddit post announced all the changes that have been made.


We've also listed them below!

Test Server Patch Notes (21st July)

TS update with some smaller bugfixes and crossing off some housekeeping items.

Maintenance Time: 1:30 PM EDT, Downtime: ~30 minutes


Please bear in mind that all changes made in the TS are for testing purposes and do not have any guaranteed impact on the live-servers.


  • Some updates to the notifications system to help make future popups less spammy.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED - IQ's gadget will not display the outline and distance of Melusi's Banshees.
  • FIXED - Various shop visual and cosmetic fixes.
  • FIXED - Various Lighting issues on maps.