Rainbow Six Siege: Tachanka Rework Live, Here's What's New

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Rainbow Six Siege's most meme-worthy Operator, Tachanka, has finally gotten his rework.

According to Ubisoft, "Lord Tachanka has been deeply reworked for competitive play, with new mobility and new gameplay opportunities, thanks to changes in his loadout and a new gadget."


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Rainbow Six Siege: Tachanka Rework Live, Here's What's New


As we reported recently, there are big changes coming to the Defender.


In a game all about rotating and probing enemy defences, Tachanka has always been a tough sell.

That's mainly based around his gadget which is an LMG that can be mounted, rooting him in place.

The big change is that his DP27 LMG is no longer required to be mounted and can instead be used as his primary weapon.

This makes him able to tear down walls with ease, and while the weapon will still draw plenty of attention, at least you can get moving when things get tough.


After making holes in walls, Tachanka's brand new gadget comes into play - the Shumikha launcher.

This grenade launcher flings incendiary grenades ideal for area denial and stopping rotations.

The shots can even be bounced off of walls, and fires five grenades at once - an ideal way to hold territory.

Good news, though - if you get a shot wrong and end up setting Tachanka alight, he's got the Withstand ability now.


That means he can get himself up without needing a revive.

Check out his full loadout below:

Tachanka's DP27 can be swapped for an SMG if you'd prefer.


As you can see, he's still slow, but Ubisoft has promised increased mobility which is great - at times it feels like walking through treacle.

The big man is also getting a new Elite skin, which you can see below, called “Slava Korolyu” (“Glory to The King” in Russian):