Rainbow Six Siege Pros Like Pengu "Held Hostage" As #SaveSiege Takes Over Twitter

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The process of holding lobbies hostage in Rainbow Six Siege has returned but in a much bigger way. Hackers exploited the matchmaking method to prevent other players from joining the game, which has become a significant problem. Ubisoft didn't fix it the first time around, so players want them to do something about it this time.

With fans voicing their concerns, #SaveSiege has become increasingly popular on Twitter. Gabriel 'LaXInG' Mirelez, FashY, and Matthew "Achieved" Solomon also spoke up to bring attention to the issue. If Ubisoft wants to keep players, it needs to hurry up and get Rainbow Six Siege rolled out.


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Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking issues

Pengu details how this works in general through his tweet below:


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Hackers are messing up players' lobby servers through an exploit. In that case, they are effectively locked until the hacker decides to stop. The lobby areas are held "hostage" in this way, but no one is really sure what the hackers even want.

This sounds like a troll, just some people who want to steal the fun from others. Consequently, there's nothing you can do to stop the players. As a result, this can go on for hours, disrupting both pro practice games and regular players just trying to have fun. It's a big issue that needs to be brought to Ubisoft's attention.

The Rainbow Six Siege Twitter responded to the community with this tweet:

As time went on, it was fixed, refixed, and patched. They are still watching to make sure this fix works, so there may be more issues on the way due to this.